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Signature  Cocktails

Here is a short list of our tried and true cocktails that are proven to take any event to the Royal level. Each cocktail has been crafted with the best ingredients and we pride ourselves in using fresh seasonal fruits for all of our homemade syrups. Don't see any you like? We can curate a unique menu for your event!



Ashley in the country

This vodka cocktail is like fall in a cup. The combination of apple cider, caramel and cinnamon makes you wanna sit by a fire with a few of your best friends and enjoy the fall nights.


Harvest Nights

This whiskey drink is a complex sipper. The combination of maple and the tartness from the cranberry make this perfect for and winter event.



Lions Tail

One of my personal favorites the Lions Tail! It combines your favorite bourbon with an allspice liquor and a little bit of lime.This spiced bourbon drink is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!


Cran-Rosemary Spritz

This beauty is our gin drink this time around. Don't be scared it makes gin super lovable! The perfect balance of fruity/ tart and herbal from the house made cran-rosemary syrup and a little bit of spice from the ginger beer this is one of our winter favorites and makes for a great mocktail too!




This last one is a perfect winter martini! It has green tea sage and lime that pair super well with the gin base. We could also do this with vodka if you prefer or as a mocktail so its versatile and delicious!

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